Chester Shops and The Rows

Visit Chester during your holiday and enjoy the fantastic shopping before returning to Wharton Lock Apartment for a relaxing cup of tea or glass of wine on the balcony. Chester has a wealth of shops on the main streets, the rows, The Grosvenor Shopping Centre, The Forum Shopping Centre, Godstall Lane Shopping Arcade and the traditional Chester Market behind the Town Hall.

Come in November and December and enjoy the fantastic Christmas lights and Christmas tree together with late night shopping in the beautifully decorated shops. Enjoy a special lunch at the Michelin star Chester Grosvenor Hotel with its choice of restaurants.

The most photographed part of Chester is the famous rows which date back to the 13th Century. In the Tudor and Jacobean times the upper floors were built out over the gallery, these were supported on poles down to street level. Ground level shops used the space between the posts to display their goods to passers-by.

These famous half-timbered buildings now contain shops on two levels. The shops on the balustrade walkways are accessed by steps from the street level. The best examples are seen in Watergate, Eastgate and Bridge Street.

Visit the Chester Visitors Centre in Vicars Lane to see the story of the Rows.