City of Chester

Wharton Lock Holiday Apartment with its own balcony is perfectly located on the canal in The City of Chester, a perfect location for a stay in Chester. Walk or cycle along the canalside or stroll past the shops for just 5 minutes and you will reach the city centre of Chester.

The historic Roman City of Chester is situated in the beautiful county of Cheshire - which shares borders with Shropshire, The Wirral, Lancashire and North Wales. All these places are within easy reach by car, train or bus from Wharton Court Apartment.

Chester is positioned on a sandstone spur on the River Dee. This river was a major part of Chesters past, as an important sea way this was the basis of Chesters fortune. Nowadays it is of more interest to pleasure boats, tourists, fishermen and bird watchers.

The City of Chester has a varied and fascinating history and can claim to be the only British city with such well preserved ramparts, there is a two mile walk around the original red sandstone Roman walls.